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On 9th April 2019, CBL team won the Coca-Cola China system highest honor award – the Execution Cup Champion award in the Coca-Cola China system annual conference again. The Execution Cup is a comprehensive evaluation award and recognition for the top three bottling plants in Coca-Cola China region. Its evaluation indicators include financial performance, market execution, industry ranking and othe...
On March 26, 2019, China Foods Ltd. (00506.HK) announces its final results for the year ended 31 December 2018. The annual revenue and profits of China Foods Ltd. from its continuing operations reached 15,648 million (Unit: RMB, the same below) and 576 million, respectively 17.14% and 23.32% increase compared with last year with the dual growth in revenue and profits. Statistics indicated that China Foods Ltd. improved the production and operati...
On July 5th, secretary of Corporation leading Party members’ group and Chairman Zhao Shuanglian investigated CBL Jilin OU, including the development history of Jilin plant, manufacturing management and party construction. Also, he visited production line, corporate culture corridor, the world of Coca-Cola and office area.Subsequently, Mr. Zhao Shuanglian listened to the performance review of CBL i...
On May 16th to 17th, Mr. Stephen Edward Clark, MR. Li Hung Kwan and Mr. Mok Wai Bun, independent non-executive directors of China Foods Limited, visited CBL Shanxi OU.Independent non-executive directors went to CBL Shanxi plant to know about its 21-year history from its establishment to the process of development and listened to the report of business results given by Zhu Yong, general manager of ...
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