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Chairman and party secretary of COFCO, Mr. Lv Jun visited COFCO COCA-COLA BEVERAGE LIMITED (“CBL”) shandong bottling plant and provided guidance on operations

On 10th April 2019, Chairman and Party Secretary of COFCO, Mr. Lu Jun visited CBL Shandong bottling plant and provided guidance on operations.

Chairman Lv and his team visited the corporate culture corridor, the Coca-Cola World, production lines and other areas of CBL Shandong bottling plant, and had an in-depth understanding of the production process, production capacity, quality and safety management of the bottling plant. After receiving the work report on the operation from CBL Shandong bottling plant management, Chairman Lu fully affirmed its business performance and pointed out that it is necessary to emphasis on and support to innovation, different development strategies can be formulated according to products’ characteristics and advantages of the distribution channels. He looks forward to seeing more contributions from CBL Shandong bottling plant.

Director of COFCO General Office, Mr. Liu Yun, CEO and Party Secretary of CBL Ms. Luan Xiuju accompanied Chairman Lv in the visit.

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