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PayingPost.com is a new blog advertising platform for advertising and blogs.PayingPost is a UK based company, a new website that help bloggers to make money blogging.

Today, as we know that advertising is done  in newspapers, in magazines, on the radio, or on television.In the internet today,advertising should take on new forms. That is blog marketing.Blog marketing is becoming commonplace as companies start to use the internet for publicity.Blog advertising is a way word of mouth advertising is spread.Blog Advertising is the newest way to promote your business, Bloggers will write about your products or services or whatever you like, they are rich in content and varied in wiritting style.

As a blogger,we advertise on blogs to earn money.Payingpost is a highly responsive opportunity to take your blog to that next plateau - where you make money blogging. Yes, it’s very easy to get paid to blog at Payingpost!You can get paid to post on your favorite subject. See if the opportunity fits to your blog, and if it does , then finish writting an honour review.

PayingPost also offers two different ways for bloggers to get more sponsored posts for their blog. Bloggers could look for open opportunities or they could be directly contacted by the advertisers through Paying Post Direct .

Now start make money from PayingPost.com.

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  1. Idoin


  2. 减肥食谱


  3. Johnny

    @Idoin: 这篇就可以换10刀,不过最低支付要25刀

    @减肥食谱: 群发软件?这是写软文

  4. 减肥食谱

    @Johnny: 囧,这个就可以换怎么多啊,不知道对网站有什么方面的要求呢,比如排名流量什么的?

  5. Johnny

    @减肥食谱: 网站方面貌似没什么要求。不过好的PR比较容易拿到任务。这个英文blog来做似乎会好点。


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